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22 Fallon Road
Landsdale, WA, 6065

+61 450 497 352

WA Engraving is a Perth based business that specialises in laser engraving for both personal and business items. We take pride in our work and our high level of customer service.

Terms & Conditions

Cancellations & Returns

As items sold by WA Engraving are made to order, all purchases are final and non refundable.

If however an order is cancelled within 60 minutes of being placed WA Engraving will refund the order less any transaction fees.

If an item received is not the purchased item or the engraving does not resemble the approved design, upon the return of the item WA Engraving will remake the order at no additional charge to the client.



WA Engraving is happy to use a freight company of the clients choosing however this will be at the clients expense.

WA Engraving uses Australia Post unless specified otherwise.

If a tracking number is requested this will incur a fee of $2.95 (plus GST).

Once an order is in the possession of the client or a third party freight/courier, the responsibility of lost or damaged items are the responsibility of the client and not WA Engraving.

Damaged deliveries are not the responsibility of WA Engraving unless it can be proven that the damage occurred prior to the order leaving the possession of WA Engraving.

If it can be proven that damage to an item occurred prior to leaving the possession of WA Engraving, WA Engraving will remake or replace the damaged item(s) at no additional charge to the client.



WA Engraving require payment in full prior to starting production of any order unless arranged prior.

If an order has begun production prior to payment, WA Engraving owns all items until paid in full.

A transaction is considered complete once the funds appear in the account of WA Engraving.


Artwork Approvals

An artwork approval is considered approved by either of the following two options;

- WA Engraving receives a physical or digital copy of the signed artwork approval.

- WA Engraving receives an email with a statement clearly indicating the artwork is approved and the approved artwork is attached to the email.

WA Engraving does not accept verbal confirmation of artwork approvals.


Turnaround Times & Rush Fees

WA Engraving require 5 working days from artwork approval and receipt of goods to dispatch an order.

If an order is required to be dispatched sooner than 5 working days from artwork approval and receipt of goods, this will incur a 20% rush fee to be paid prior to production.



WA Engraving will not do any work that could be associated with or viewed as any sort of hate speech, racism, prejudice, discrimination or any other form of negativity towards a person, a group of people or an organisation.

WA Engraving reserves the right to make amendments to these terms and conditions at any time.


Any questions please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible

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