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WA Engraving is a Perth based business that specialises in laser engraving for both personal and business items. We take pride in our work and our high level of customer service.


Custom Safety tags/Signs in 2 tone TRAFFOLYTE (acrylic based material)

Available in the most common safety sign colours (White/Black, Black/White, Red/White, Blue/White, Yellow/Black) Traffolyte can be laser cut to a size required, up to a maximum of 600 x 300mm. We can also create the artwork for you, if required.

It is suitable for applications in demanding environments, where extra durability and scratch resistance are required. The textured, matte surface is non-reflective and easy to clean. They are UV and weather-resistant, suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


  • Exterior & Interior Signs

  • Badges

  • Safety Signs

  • Control Panels

  • Industrial Applications

Black Aluminium.jpg
Fire Safety Door.jpg

Custom tags/plaques/Signs in stainless steel or black anodised aluminium

Stainless steel and black anodised aluminium both have a great contrast when laser engraved, making tags, plaques and signs easy to read.

Custom metal items can be made to a maximum size of 600 x 300mm and with our state of the art machines we can get them done quickly, making large runs in a reasonable time possible.


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